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A Universal Church
Could be and is such
If even the thought
Has a universal nature
What does this mean
That every thought
For a common goal
Meaning the material wellbeing
For everybody
And by saying so is meant really
Everybody in general
Without excluding anybody
Adducing as a pretext
That one might be
Taller or shorter
Thinner or fatter
More colored or less colored
It does not matter
Until proof to the contrary
Provided by some scientists
All living beings
Have been created by GOD
All the religions
Small or big
Using sometimes different names
Are in agreement on asserting
That there is a Creator
Who is not for sure a human being
A Creator that is not possible to define
That is not possible to imagine
That is not possible to hypothesize on
If it has a shape or a figure
Therefore laying suppositions
To define GODís figure
Is unrestrained arrogance