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Soon there will take place
at the U.N. headquarters
The Millennium of
the World Peace.
There will attend
the delegates of
the major religions
existing in the World.
Obviously those ones that
have the higher number
of believers scattered
around the whole Planet Earth

There are also, and many know it, some
religions which do not have many believers,
which do not have majestic and immense
churches, cloisters, abbeys and many other
residential palaces for the leaders of the big religions.

Are the small religions humble and poor,
which not always have the possibility to
have some qualified delegates, to assist to
these meetings, they miss also the material
means to be considered equal to the big

Not for this reason they are less worthy to
be questioned, or to be listened to, in
common they have the believe in GOD
probably more felt, as this feeling comes
from the heart, from the soul, it does not
need manifestation corroborated with grand
settings, which can sometimes falsify the
reality of the creed.