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Where Do You Go Human Being?

At the beginning
In the times of the times
You walked with a stoop
You had to learn
To walk straight
But you looked far-away
The eyes
Towards the sky
You wanted then
To reach the sky
That was your aim
Afterwards in the following centuries
Even though walking straight
You looked less and less at the sky
You were looking at the ground
You were looking at the others
Less and less at yourself
What were you searching for human being?
Did you find what you were looking for?
And still are today
Did you find yourself?
You had a heart
You have a heart
It is used not only to live
It is for living
It is for loving
Are you able to love
With all your heart
With honesty and humility
Do you still know what does it mean
Honesty and humility
Not only in words
Within your heart
Are you still able to love