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Dialogue Among The Peoples

As for the Millemmiun Of The Peace
Whereby The Indipendent Universal Church
Has already pronounced itself
With its own proposal
For the new U.N proposal as well
That concerns the Two-thousand and one
A Dialogue of the civilizations
The Indipendent Universal Church
Intends to propose a different draft resolution
From the one already prepared
By the General Secretariat of the U.N.
Favouring the second draft resolution
Presented by Egypt, Japan, Lebanon,
Indonesia, Singapore, Afghanistan,
United States, Kyrgyzstan, Iran,
Azerbayjan, Kuwait, Turkmenistan,
Slovakia, Tajikistan,

To create the conditions for a dialogue
Among the peoples of the Earth
Excluding the word civilization
Which in the previous Millennium
Has had a meaning
For sure not positive
For many peoples
Which have experienced on themselves
And which can be defined in the light of the facts
In some cases historical and substantiated
A forced civilization
In most cases
A legalized and tolerated genocide
For sure today it is not possible
To think that these behaviours
By Nations then powerful
Have been civilizing
With the resort to weapons