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Universal Church

In all the religions
Existing on the planet earth
God is always
The Creator
Of all living things
And of what composes the human life
But if one believes in God
In the true sense of the word
God is the Creator as well
Of the whole Universe
Of all what exists
In what we
Little living beings
Call Universe
Meaning that never ending space
That never ending time
That is our past
And that will be our future
If we will deserve it
And if in us there will be
The real creed
God is our Creator
But doesn't belong to anybody
To any living being
It wouldn't be God anymore
And in its endless kindness
Allows us to doubt
In our enormous arrogance
That we are essential
To manage what doesn't belong to us
Meaning the human life
So if today the human being
Follows different religions
It is only to understand