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I have always talked about some Words
Each word without the others does not make sense
The Truth without Faith is not Truth
Faith without Love does not mean anything
If the Truth is without Faith it is always
Without Love
The Faith without Love
Is not Faith but just a Word
If we have Truth
If we have Faith
If we have True Love
Each one of these Words
Has a meaning and can be applied everywhere
But if each one of these words
Is just a word
It is nothing
And nothing means not having
Not always it is easy
Living as taught by these three Words
But if in your present life
There are not these Words
Your Life
Is not Life anymore
It is not something that makes you live
Your are just in the nothingness
And the nothingness means eliminating the future
I am trying to teach you
To believe in the future
Not only in terms of words
But with a precise meaning
I can lead you towards this future
It is not sci-fi
It is a reality