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What is the fortune
One could split the word
Forte une
Forte is understandable
With the strength
Certainly not the physical one
But the moral one
Meaning the strength of the will
One achieves a lot
And many times very much
One tends to consider
That a person
Is fortunate
But it would be good to consider
In what is he fortunate
Is he fortunate
Because he has a lot of money
A lot more than you have
But are you sure that
With a lot o money at disposition
He considers himself fortunate?
We should ask him
If he is happy?
Is he happy to have a lot of money
Can he achieve with all that money
Can he buy all he wants
Even some things
Letís call them things
That are not for sale
And yet are there
And very often
These things
Who has no money
And consequently has no fortune
Has exactly these things: