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When listening
Or looking at a person
We express
Often internally
A particular kind of consideration
“He is dignifying or has a lot of dignity"
Now it is better to look inside us
Because we recognize
That we are nothing of all this
We try to understand
But not always for opportunity
Opportunity means that
Only if for us
Is convenient and justifiable
We consider a decisive factor
Confronting ourselves
It is really important to know
Even if a bit late
Since nobody ever talks about it
Especially due to ignorance on the subject
There is a dignity
Human and physical
Subjected to an evaluation on the whole
To define
By us and by others
If effectively we have
And show
All the dignity that composes us
In our behaviours
And this
Any kind of evaluation ranking
Obviously this dignity of ours
Is subjected to evolution
But also involution
In the sphere so called