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In the past to followers of Religions
It was always made believe
That if repented
In front of an authorized representative
Of these Religions
Confessing to be repented
And after an oral penitence
All sins were erased
And one became clean as before
Nobody has ever come back
Even from these Religions’ highest authorities
To confirm
That these absolutions
Are valid
One asks therefore a question
Does it deserve to be believed
A behaviour of this kind
By the way
At the confession of one’s own sins
Who is listening to them
Has no certainty
Of what is told
It can be true
But they can also be
All lies
To whom one should believe
Or pretend to believe?
Now in all these reflections
A question emerges
We are always sure to believe
In what is right
Or are we trying to make ourselves believe
That we are right?
It is a very important question
That we have to ask ourselves
To be in the conditions

Picture of  Confession