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Two words almost alike
But are nothing alike
I didn’t write anything
I have written nothing
Nothing is that obscure part
In which we can
Fall in or sink in
But not without our knowing
We often are very clever or good
In combining
These two independent words
To make only one
That we can use
To our advantage
And complete satisfaction
On consequence
When one of these words
To an attitude of ours
Towards ourselves
We are perfectly conscious
In using
The one more suitable
For our aspirations and resolutions
In identifying a solution
Even partially satisfying
To our “EGO"
Even trying
To proclaim oneself impartial
We are not
Because we have already
Thought and decided
That the will of our “EGO"
Is subjected to the will
If we truly want to understand
One of these behaviours

Picture of  Compassion and Comprehension